We take care of your back yard to your factory floor.

Fence & Deck

Fence & Deck combo to a new house

Multiple Areas Require Multiple Skills

Planning how an area will come together and then making it a reality takes the skill and experience that Zircon has.

Coloured Broom Finished Concrete

Working on into the night with the first 1100m2 of coloured broom finish concrete in and finished at the new fire station.

Creative Concreting

Every now and then we get an exciting project like this. Forming concrete into more than just an area to stand or drive on.

Warehouse Floor

2400m2 warehouse floor placed and finished over 4 days 35mpa with 30kg steel fiber per m3.


A nice 250m2 exposed-aggregate courtyard area placed and exposed by the team this weekend at Christchurch Boys High.

Custom Exposed-aggregate

Another great exposed-aggregate Driveway and Parking area completed by the team in Methven. This is a special Exposed mix designed specifically for this project with a mix of Oriti Gold and Hyland River stones, to tie in with the house and surrounds.


Exposed-aggregate patio and ready lawn.

Mixing Exposed & Plain Concrete

Creating different textures in a concrete area can take it from practical to a feature area.

Lawn, garden and tile entertaining area

Looking great for night time entertaining.

New lawn for a new house

A fresh new lawn is a great finishing touch to a brand new house.

Garden planting

The right plants in the right place really top off this recently completed garden area.